Is your vehicle’s Check Engine light or Service Engine Soon light on? Does your car or truck hesitate, buck, miss or stall? Does it make strange noises or leak fluids? We can help!

Today’s vehicle engines are controlled by a complex system of computers, modules, actuators and sensors. A simple failure of any one of these essential parts can cause various symptoms. They can range from a simple light on the dash with no apparent change in the way your car performs, to a full blown no start situation. Through proper testing of your vehicle’s systems we can determine the needed repairs.  We can diagnose any issues you may encounter and find a solution that will have your vehicle running the way it should. We pride ourselves on being able to fix those difficult problems that other shops have given up on.  Our ASE master certified technicians have over 40 years combined experience and are eager to help get you back on the road, often the same day.

Here are just some of the engine diagnostic services we offer:

  • Check engine light diagnosis
  • Drivability problems (hard starting, bucking, jerking, etc.)
  • No start diagnosis
  • Fluid leaks
  • Traction control system diagnosis
  • Electronically controlled transmission diagnosis